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Scientific Session2

  • Dae Yoon Chi Theranostic agents for targeting PSMA

Scientific Session4

  • Hans Jurgen Wester Radiohybrids: a groundbreaking new theranostics tracer concept/Update on CXCR4-targeted theranostics
  • Cathy Cutler Alpha-emitters
  • Michael K. Schultz Pb203/Pb212 peptide receptor targeted theranostics for cancer
  • Yearn Seong Choe Radioligands for tumor angiogenesis imaging – (mostly F18) cancer


  • Jae Min Jeong Imaging of the third gasotransmitter
  • Yuji Kuge Potential use of Hypoxia and Thymidine Phosphorylase Imaging Probes for Theranostics
  • Frank Rösch Instant kit-type labelling chemistry for 68Ga, 44Sc, 177Lu.
  • Henry VanBrocklin Image Guided Therapy: Development of oncologic and non-oncologic agents.
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