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Friday (March 1, 2019)

Opening Ceremony
Congratulatory Messages TBD  
Appreciation Plaque for Past Organizers DS Lee/JM Jeong Co-organizers
Opening Remarks DS Lee/JM Jeong Co-organizers
Coffee Break (09:30-10:00)
Keynote 1
Uncovering Novel Biomarkers for Next Generation Theranostics Sunghoon Kim  Korea
Scientific Session 1
Current Status of Theranostics Chair: Kyung Han Lee
Clinical Trials Supporting FDA/EMA Approval of Lutathera TBD  
  Practical Applications and Future Prospects of PRRT Michael Hofman Australia
Clinical Experieces of PSMA based Theranostics TBD  
Future Perspectives of Theranostics in Germany Wolfgang Weber Germany
Future Perspectives of Theranostics in USA Richard Wahl USA
Lunch (12:00-13:00)
Poster and Exhibition (13:00-14:00)
Keynote 2

Folate Hydrolase or PSMA and F-18 Labeled Prostate Cancer Targeting TBD  
Scientific Session 2
Theranostics of Prostate Cancer

Chairs: Gi Jeong Cheon/Horacio Amaral

  Unmet Clinical Needs in Advanced Prostate Cancer TBD  
  Treatments for Advanced Prostate Cancer TBD  
Microenvironment of Prostate Cancer TBD  
Theranostic Agents for Targeting PSMA: Development of F-18 and Alpha Emitters TBD  
Reports 1
Current Status of Asia Chair: Keon Wook Kang
  Theranostics in Korea Keon Wook Kang Korea
  Theranostics in Japan Seigo Kinuya Japan
Theranostics in China Feng Wang China
Coffee Break (16:00-16:30)
Scientific Session 3-1
Next Generation Theranostics (from Chemists' Point of View) - Different Nuclides Chairs: Frank Roesch/Henry VanBrocklin
  Kit-type Labelling Chemistry Frank Rösch Germany
  Alpha-emitters Cathy Cutler USA
  CXCR4-targeted Theranostics Hans-Jürgen Wester Germany
PSMA Urea-based Theranostic Probe Jae Min Jeong Korea

Saturday (March 2, 2019)

Keynote 3
Radiohybrids: A Groundbreaking New Theranostics Tracer Concept Hans-Jürgen Wester Germany
Scientific Session 3-2
Next Generation Theranostics (from Chemists' Point of View) - Different Targets and Probes Chairs: Jae Min Jeong/Cathy Cutler
  Image Guided Therapy Henry VanBrocklin USA
  Hypoxia Imaging Probes for Theranostics Yuji Kuge Japan
  Peptide Receptor Targeted Theranostics for Cancer Michael K. Schultz USA
Reports 2
Global Practical Progress Chairs: Patricia Bernal Trujillo/Mike Sathekge
  Implementation of Novel Theranostics in Africa Mike Sathekge South Africa
  Struggles of Theranostics in Latin America Patricia Bernal Trujillo Colombia
  Theranostics in Brazil Carlos Buchpiguel Brazil
Theranostics Efforts between Europe and Asia Fani Bozkurt Turkey
Theranostics in Arab TBD
Optimization of Novel Radionuclide Therapies in India TBD
Coffee Break (10:20-10:40)
Keynote 4
Radiomics (Tentative Ttitle) TBD  
Scientific Session 4
Next Generation Theranostics (from Physicists' Point of View) Chair: Jae Sung Lee
  Prospective Dosimetry Options for Alpha-emitter Targeted Therapy Mark Konijnenberg The Netherlands
  Phamacokinetic Modeling using Total Body PET Hongdi Li USA
  New Approaches to Fast Voxel-based Dosimetry Jae Sung Lee Korea
3D Voxel Dosimetry Greta Seng Peng Mok Macau
ICRP Perspectives for Individualized Radionuclide Therapy Makoto Hosono Japan
TEIN Luncheon Seminar
TEIN Luncheon Seminar
TBD Lingeswaran Kasilingam Malaysia
TBD Hendra Budiawan Indonesia
TBD Pham Cam Phuong Vietnam
TBD Shamim Momtaz Bangladesh
TBD Patricia Bautista Philippines
TBD Humayun Bashir Pakistan
Poster and Exihibition (13:30-14:30)
Keynote 5
Personalized Cancer Therapy: From Innovation to Implementation using Theranostics and Precision Oncology Richard Baum Germany
Scientific Session 5-1
Next Generation Theranostics (from Convergents' Point of View) Chairs: Jung Joon Min/Anna Wu
  Antibody Theranostics Anna Wu USA
  In Vitro to in Vivo Companion Diagnostics Young Kee Shin Korea
  Bacteria-based Theranostics Jung-Joon Min Korea
TBD Juliano Julio Cerci Brazil
Coffee Break (15:20-15:50)
Scientific Session 5-2
Next Generation Theranostics (from Physicians' Point of View)
Theranostics in Combination with Local Therapies Michael Kreissl Germany
  Gastrin-Releasing Peptide Receptors for Theranostics in Prostate Cancer Andrei Iagaru USA
PSMA Targeting Alpha Therapies TBD  
Theranostics beyond NET and CRPC TBD  
Reports 3
Standpoints of Patient Advocates
  USA Experiences Josh Mailman USA
  Korean Experiences Korean Advocate Korea
  Japanese Experiences Yoshiyuki Majima Japan

Sunday (March 3, 2019)

Scientific Session 5-3
Next Generation Theranostics (from Physicians' Point of View)
  Nanomedicine: 11 Years of European Efforts Beat Loeffler Switzerland
  Introduction to Radionanomedicine Dong Soo Lee Korea
  Radiolabeled Nanomaterials: Ready for Clinical Translation Weibo Cai USA
Platform Technology for Radionanotheranostics Yun-Sang Lee Korea
Therapeutic Nanoparticles awaiting for Theranostic Use Seung-Hoon_Lee Korea
Coffee Break (09:30-10:00)
Experts Discussion
Open Discussion: Precision Oncology with Theranostics  
  Gi Jeong Cheon Korea
  Richard Wahl USA
  Wolfgang Weber Germany
  Byeong Cheol Ahn Korea
Share the experiences
Open Discussion: How to Implement Novel Theranostics Overcoming Difficulties of Starting Insitutions  
  Lingeswaran Kasilingam Malaysia
  Hendra Budiawan Indonesia
  Pham Cam Phuong Vietnam
  Shamim Momtaz Bangladesh
  Patricia Bautista Philippines
  Humayun Bashir Pakistan
  Mike Sathekge South Africa
Keynote 6
Brain Theranostics Dong Soo Lee Korea
Closing Remarks
Hand-over Ceremony to the Next Congress Organizers  
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